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Like a classically trained musician, I am a classically trained videographer. I attained a BA in Communications with a focus in Media. I know cameras and I know editing. I've spent 20 years working in video production - over a decade of that for television broadcast stations. As a business owner, I've shot video for companies all over the East coast -from major league sporting events, presidential campaigns, and news stories for a variety of regional and national media companies. Most recently, I was hired to videotape an interview with Prince Edward of England for a charity he heads up and I worked on the crew for a cable TV interview show with Dan Rather and Dan Akroyd!  Ever since I started working in video production, I've been filming wedding videos. In 2008, I started a business combining all of my experiences in television production to bring a higher quality to wedding videography in Erie. Typically most wedding videographers are self-taught and use low-end equipment. I've changed that in Erie! Currently, as a formally trained professional with years of experience, I am an instructor at a local university, sharing my experiences in the field of video production. Over the years I've shot hundreds of wedding videos. There is no one more experienced to provide this type of service at price that is fair and honest!

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You are an amazing artist! I am so lucky and blessed to have found you for my wedding!"