Here are our package prices. Package 2 (Full Version) is the most commonly purchased package.  On some occasions we will create a custom quote. Typically custom quotes are for smaller events or ceremonies where the time scheduled is under 3 to 4 hours.  Any package can be customized with additional items such as additional camera people, drone footage and reception love story montages. 


Package 1Package 2Package 3
Highlight VersionFull VersionExtended Version
One Camera CoverageTwo Camera CoverageThree Camera Coverage
Approximately 6 Hours of CoverageApproximately 8 Hours of CoverageApproximately 8 Hours of Coverage Includes Drone Footage at Ceremony and Reception
20 to 30 Minute Video of Wedding Day HighlightsFull Wedding Video Events and Highlight Video

Full Wedding Video Events and Highlight Video

3 Blu Ray DVDs and Digital File5 Blu Ray DVD's, Digital File and Unedited Raw footage5 Blu Ray DVD's, Digital Files and Unedited Raw footage
YouTube File UploadsYouTube File UploadsYouTube File Uploads

Package 1 (Highlight) provides single camera coverage of the wedding day including bridal preparations. It is listed as 6 hours of coverage. Typically this is enough time to cover the beginning of the day through the scheduled events of the reception. Your final video will include a preparations highlight, ceremony highlights, a post ceremony montage and edited clips from the reception.

Package 2 (Full Version) is two-camera coverage of the day. This means a stationary second camera is provided at both the ceremony and reception for greater coverage. It also allows the edits to be smoother. Eight (8) hours of coverage typically is enough time to cover the entire day until the end of the reception. This package includes the same edits as package one. The added difference is that the ceremony is covered in its entirety and full reception events are included like full toasts and speeches are uncut. Package 2 also includes a highlight version and the additional footage that did not make it into the edited version. 

Package 3 (Full Version Extended) This includes drone footage from the ceremony and reception location and two fully operated cameras during the entire ceremony and reception events. This allows for more angles. This also means that the ceremony and reception is covered by 3 cameras, 2 operated cameras and one stationary camera.

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